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100 years of Negroni

one of the 5 finalists for Campari Malta poster competition

campari poster

With art I make sense of feeling off-balance by reimagining chaos as beauty.

We generally see beauty and calmness? in a very straightforward way - by looking at the sunset, sea, green fields, smiles etc. I try to understand beauty in all its forms and the most delightful moments in my opinion are when a person can keep calm and be grateful and happy in the darkest times.

With this series of works I wanted to display that no matter how uncertain and anxious a person might feel during a global pandemic - there is still a place for irony, laughs and time to find inner peace. None of the characters from the artworks have frowns, are scared or show panic moods. With this set of postcards, I really want to remind people that this is the best time to focus on the present and find stillness within.

postcard from summer 2020