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Jana Frost is an Estonian-Russian artist based in London. She creates pop-art and digital collages imbued with a strong retro vibe and her main creative inspirations are taken from retro horror/sci-fi movies, surrealism, and technology of previous decades, all wrapped into modern design. Some of her works reflect an ambiguous and satirical take on consumer capitalism and popular culture. As an artist, she often comes back to a pop culture of the past, visuals that can throw you back in time and give a nostalgic feeling. For her nostalgia isn’t about being stuck in the past, it actually looks to the future, because we can look back at the things we already saw and find new ways to interpret them. 

The artist wants to change people's perception when they think about posters or collages and show that there is more depth to this medium than they expect. Her recurrent subject of aliens can symbolize many different things, however to Frost it really symbolizes being an alien in your own country, having an identity crisis and feeling outcast. One of Frost’s goals is to bring awareness to these subjects and help people understand that they are not alone.


photo by Rob Matthew, IG: @rmvgolfy


'Jana WHO?' - , Studio 104 gallery (DESKO), Valletta, Malta

07.10 - 14.10.2019

'A Night in the Conservatory with Aliens and Plants'
- art prints pop-up exhibition, The Conservatory at Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar, Malta


'Art Prints Exhibition'
 - Cafe Society, Valletta, Malta

31.05 - 31.08.2018

'Art Posters Exhibition Vol.1' 
 - Down the Rabbit hole, Msida, Malta

11.05 - 08.06.2018


'Allura Creative trail' as part of Valletta 2018 cultural capital.
Art prints exhibition of Jana Frost and Zack Ritchie

 - Electro Lobster Project restaurant, St Julians, Malta


'Creative Circuit ep.1'

Malta Creative Collective pop-up show, art prints exhibition 

 - City Light Cinema, Valletta, Malta


ceramic sculptures exhibition

 - Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia

30.05 - 10.06.2013

'KIMP fest' glass sculpture exhibition
- Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia

07.05 - 11.05.2013

'Filmiklassika' lithography exhibition

- Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn, Estonia

29.11 - 29.12.2012

'Idee..Ideetu' photo exhibition

- Aatrium galerii, Tallinn, Estonia

02.05 - 31.05.2012


'Painting: Contemporary techniques' Accademia D'Arte, Florence, Italy

20.01 - 25.01.2020

'Digital Media and Marketing Strategies' online course of University of Illinois


Certification for 'Art Gallery Management & Exhibition Design' online course


'Life and Art of Andy Warhol' course by University of Edinburgh


BA of Art Education, Tallinn University, Estonia


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